What you are about to play is a completley 100% legit and not at all fake leak of the upcoming GTA7 game. My uncle works for Rockstar Games and he gave this to me so I know it's legit.

The official story is as follows: "The streets of Hyrule have been ripe with danger. It's up to you, Mario Mario, to defeat the baddies using your high tech water gun in this fun, action-packed Atari 2600 game! Use the joystick (Leakers note: These are the WASD keys on computers) to move and the fire button (Leakers note: This is the space bar on the computer.) to use your water gun. Once you get to 255 points you win the game.

Scoreboard (kept as of 1/3/2019)

Contact me if you get the high score; my contact info currently isn't listed on the site but it will be relisted soon. The score will not be accepted unless it is higher then the top score; the empty slots only exist as a proof of concept. You must provide uncut video evidence that you achieved this score. You may submit CLIPS from your recording session like I did, but that clip must contain you getting the high score in full.
# Name Score Date Proof
1 IoI_xD 17 2/21/19 Video