the betsest mc maps evr!11!!!!!

These are bunch of old Minecraft maps I dug up recently. It's intended for YouTubers who like ironic humor and want something dumb to put in their videos (either as background gameplay or just general video content), but it's suitable for anyone who wants to torture themselves. It's also for the five people who actually care about my online prescence. If you use these in a video, DM my twitter so I can check it out.

  • disclaimers:
  • They may as well be some of the worst Minecraft maps ever made; especially the ones made in 2013. Proceed at your own risk.
  • I have not played some of these in several years. This was on purpose so that I could keep them intact when putting them up for download. I will play a few of them in the coming days and update their information, but for now most information here is given by memory.
  • You'll notice that a lot of these maps don't have descriptions. Part of the reason is that I couldn't be bothered to write one, but it's also because they are either self explanatory or they don't really necessitate one.
  • Some files may contain another folder that has the map and the resource pack inside it.
  • A few of these maps are actually good. Those ones are marked in green.
  • Sergento_Keroro is my old username.
NameDate CreatedVersion (?)TypeStatusNotes
Sonic Adventure Craft Around February 2013 1.4 Adventure Unfinished First map that I publicly released. Recovered at a later date so the exact release date is unknown.
SonicCraft: Before The Sequel 4/30/13 1.5 Adventure Unfinished Updated so that you spawn in the correct area, but otherwise it's mostly untouched.
MassiCraft Survival 5/11/13 1.5 Parkour/Survival Finished
Sonic X-treme Craft 6/15/13 1.5 Adventure Unfinished
Flatland Survival 6/18/13 1.5 Survival Finished
Sonic Lost World Crafted 7/17/13 1.6 Adventure Unfinished Likely the worst map on here.
One Block Survival 1.1 7/23/13 1.6 Survival Finished
One Block Survival 2.0 7/26/13 1.6 Survival Unfinished Made an entire YouTube channel dedicated to updates for the map.
Arena 7/28/13 1.6 Unknown Unknown I think this is the one where you are given a limited space and you have to build a map inside it. I can't be too sure though.
Crafture 8/10/13 1.6 Adventure/Parkour Finished The ship was taken from an old map titled "Shifted Reality 2". I saw SkyDoesMinecraft play it [link] and decided to make a map out of one of the free to use ships that the creators offered at the end. If the dates are any indication I made this within a little over a week.
Cola's Cavern 1.0 8/14/13 Alpha 1.1.2 Adventure/Parkour Unfinished/Demo Had a strange obsession with older Minecraft versions so I decided to make a map for Alpha. Needless to say it was shit.
Sonic Craft BETA ONEPOINTONE OH MY GOSH ITS SO FIRCKEN AMAZING!!!!!!! 9/14/13 1.5 Adventure/Parkour Unfinished At the time I was interested in finding some older versions of a well known map called "SonicCraft". When my search failed, I thought it would be a funny joke to make an obviously fake version and reply to the map's forum post with it. It didn't end up getting very popular. Note that most of this was not made by me but instead another guy known as Hwd405.
Cola's Cavern 1.1 10/1/13 Alpha 1.1.2 Adventure/Parkour Unfinished/Demo Added one room.
Pokecraft Iron 10/24/13 1.7 Adventure Unfinished
Pokecraft Gold 10/28/2013 1.7 Adventure Unfinished Same as above only more finished.
Sonic the BLOCK! 11/4/2013 1.7 Adventure Unfinished Got the attention of popular map maker Bodil40.
Super Diggers 1/4/14 1.7 Minigame Finished
InviParkour 2/2/14 1.8 Parkour Finished Pretty much a parkour map that's completely invisible. It's imposible to finish.
The Easiest Adventure Map Ever! 6/23/14 1.8 Adventure Finished
The Time Machine 11/24/14 1.8 Adventure Finished I recall this one starting you at the end by accident. I'm pretty sure I fixed this, but I could be wrong.
ADVENTURE OF THE SKY 12/30/14 1.8 Adventure Finished Joke/troll map
Color Dash 7/20/15 1.8.5 Minigame Finished Requires 1.8.5 specifically to run as it utilizes a randomizer that broke in the next version.
Digimon Adventure 7/27/15 1.8 Adventure/Parkour Unfinished One of the few Minecraft maps based on Digimon. I had actually completed this and intended to release it, but unfortunately I had some computer troubles and the map was inevitably cancelled. Along with Shadows of Fatalia, and many other lost projects that have yet to be found, I consider this to be one of the greatest Minecraft maps I've ever made. 7/28/15 1.8 Parkour Unknown I have absolutely no recollection of making this.
Minecraft Story Mode: Crafting System Recreated In Minecraft 12/22/15 1.8 Concept Made for LogDotZip's Minecraft Story Mode redstone challenge.
Shadows of Fatalia May-July 2016 1.9 Adventure/Parkour/Concept Unfinished This one utliized a new system I came up with that could save resources for cutscenes. As compact as it was, it relies on your computer being good, and mine wasn't so I ended up cancelling it. Probably one of the greatest Minecraft maps I've ever made that's still out there, along with Digimon Adventure and a bunch of other maps that are lost media at this point. I haven't played this one in years but from what I know the story is extremely dumb, so beware.