Pokemon: H Edition

It's been 7 years since your brother Mario died, risking his life trying to prevent the outcome of the great H war. A foreign species consisting only of the Letter H had invaded the land, infecting the Pokemon genetically and causing them to morph into their own kind. It wasn't easy without Pokemon behind their side; it simply was not possible either. The H army won the war. As a result, nobody in the continent - no, the universe - is allowed to speak any other vowel other then H; otherwise the H god will hear them and smite them. You have to escape, Luigi, and there's only one way how: by competing in the Pokemon league challenge and winning a ticket to the SS Anne, where abolitionists will rig the ship and transport you to another dimension. It's life or death, Luigi. It's up to you to regain your sanity.

Special thanks to @SB2749 for letting me use his "H" sprite for the hack. @Trigex_SS also did a part in trying to help.


(2.29MB) (152 downloads)

Out of character note: I ran this ROM through a randomizer before releasing it, just to make sure you don't actually know what Pokemon you're getting or fighting. I also disabled Pokemon cries entirely, with the exception of the move "growl". In other words: don't waste your time ;)