Speed Type

Like any other typing game you'd play except there's no rhyme or rythem to what you type, you just type whatever letter is at the beginning of the textbox. Every time you successfully type the key you win a point (or more, depending on what level you are), but every time you fail, you lose a point. You also lose one point every half a second that you don't type. Have fun.

Score: 0
Level: 0
50 characters until next level.
Gain: 1, Loss: 1

"Gain" is how much points you get with each correct answer, and "Loss" is the opposite. These are more or less debug tools, feel free to ignore them.

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This board is sorted not just by score, but by time as well; so if you get a high score in a short amount of time you have a chance of making it to the top as well
User Score Level Time Played Date
IoI_xD 538 3 00:05:34 02-02-2019